new world gold coin pendant 14karat gold frame
Gold Coin Pendant

Gold Coin Pendant


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Pendant with 2 Escudos gold coin  . The frame is made with 14 karat yellow gold accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.   

Frame Metal  14 Karat Yellow Gold
Coin Gold 2 Escudos 6.5 grams 
Mint Nuevo Reino 
Total Height 1.5" Approximately 


2 Escudos Cob  

2 Escudo coin was often called a "Pistole".

To make Spanish coinage , bars of gold were roughly cut into planchettes of the correct weight , then hammer struck between crude dies. The term "cob" comes from the Spanish '' cabo de barra" or "end of the bar ", reffereing to these Crudely struck coins. Spain used these coins extensively for trade throughout the world and pirates and privateers often attacked galleons in an effort to capture their valuable cargos bound for Spain.