Consolacion Coin Pendant
Consolacion Coin Pendant

Consolacion Coin Pendant


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Pendant with a 1 Real authentic coin recovered from the wreckage of the Santa Maria de la Consolacion. The frame is made with 14 karat yellow gold and the coin is silver accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.     

Frame Metal  14 Karat Yellow Gold
Coin Silver 1 Real 1.6 grams 
Reign Carlos II 
Date 1677
Mint Potosi
Total Height 1" Approximately 


The Treasure of the Consolacion

In early April 1681 three ships(Armada de Mar del Sur) left Callo( the port of Lima, Peru) carrying mass treasures, coins minted during the previous few years. The sailing had been delayed waiting for the Spanish galleon "Santa Maria de la Consolacion". But when The Consolacion arrived her Armada had set sail without her, and against royal advice the Viceroy of Peru ordered her to sail alone to Panama. 

When she arrived at the bay of Guayaquil, they were intercepted by English Pirate Bartholomew Sharp. They were chased while they ran for seftey to the port of Guayaquil. The Captain of the Consolacion decided to Burn the waterline and dump the cargo to frustrate the Pirates, to be recovered later. The Angry Pirates decided to capture the remaining crew and and put them to death on a nearby island. Giving it a name "Isla de la muerto" Island of the Dead. 

Bartholomew Sharp established himself in St. Thomas (Now the US Virgin Islands) in 1696 and was confined to prison in 1702 where he died.